Level up your connections across insurtech

It’s time to go deeper with your connections. Since 2020, incidental meetings that lead to more have all but disappeared from our calendars – we’re here to change that.

Our InsurTech Women network has been designed to bring together small, curated, like-minded groups to forge unique working relationships and friendships across insurtech.

How it works

Signing up to our InsurTech Women network is super simple and gives you access to both our carefully curated small groups but also our wider programme of activities. Once we know a little more about you and the kind people you’d like to connect with, you’ll be placed into a small group of people. Every other week, for six weeks, you’ll meet up virtually (or IRL, if you can). There’s no set agenda to discussions, though we’ll give you some guidelines, so that over time you’ll build new relationships and (hopefully) friendships for life.

Tell us more about you and the people you want to connect with.

We make those connections happen and bring you together as a group.

You meet up and enjoy the serendipity of We Are InsurTech Women.

Loved by ...

We’ve been testing and refining this over the past few months. It seems to working…

Insurtech CEO & Co-Founder, UK - England

Despite being in different parts of the world with an eclectic array of interests, there’s always something to talk about. Indeed, the hour passes too quickly and, coincidentally, so does the month until we catch up again.

The strangers have become digital friends and the informal hour, with and without an agenda, is fun, informative and insightful.

CEO & Co-Founder - China

Tuesday lined me up with 4 very insightful professionals from diverse backgrounds (Life reinsurance, Medical insurance, Consulting, Insurtech CTO) and I have really enjoyed catching up on the past 4-5 monthly Tuesdays!

We have usually picked one main topic for the hour together based on one of us main recent interest or challenge in this space and shared our respective insights and suggestions on that matter.